At Cambridge Preschools we acknowledge and value the differences in our children. Although many children follow a general pattern of development, each child is unique. In order to achieve optimal growth, we recognize that all areas of development(Social, Physical, Intellectual,Cognitive, Emotional) are equally important. We believe we must meet the children where they are and help them move forward. At Cambridge we extend these areas of development into the 7 Cs:









These seven areas are of great importance in a child’s development.

Cambridge Preschools inspire the development of children in a safe, supportive, culturally diverse environment that gives them the freedom to explore, cooperate, create and become. Through guidance, encouragement and celebration, we work with children to achieve their highest potential.

We foster independence and critical thinking. Students work co-operatively, as well as independently, learning to respect the needs of others and their own. We encourage a love for nature, as well as a deep sense of responsibility for all living things and for the environment in which we exist. A strong focus is placed on using good manners. All students are taught to respect their school environment as well as their classmates and teachers. Our primary focus is always the well-being and best interest of the children.

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